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Lasting Friend / Paris

by Samia

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I'm not ashamed of my past I'm gonna keep saying that But Dylan, Phil and Brian, Len and them They used to line up in the gym And touch my boobs each day at noon I still feel your sweaty hands on them So I'm pulling on my dress But ill forget about it soon I’m not ashamed of my past It's just a party trick And if you’re playing to win Then you’re playing to win Dylan, Phil and Brian, Len and them I tried to tell them in the gym that i was monstrous And still from the jury they attest Into the well beneath my chest You are a monster, yes Dylan, Phil and Brian, still, and Len They brandish me like one of them Come over after class If this is how you make a lasting friend I don’t much mind the imminent I’ll be ashamed of my past
Paris 03:20
total exhaustion in paris In our nook we were in charge Didn’t our future seem careless Fleeting, beguiling mirage I remember you wasting your time on me Like i deserved your touch, babe Back when our love was forever Hemingway, those were the days You were just one of the statues That i wished i could be at the louvre We were a Renaissance novel Carefully written by you But i cannot play the princess In your breathtaking charade But oh how i tried to in Paris Lover remember me that way I’m sorry i dragged you to Starbucks I thought you were being too proud You just wanted a perfect story I know as I’m reading it now Our ghosts sit alone at the cafe Each 6 o clock in Montmartre I hid my heart in our nook there In Paris I’m still in your arms Here we are back in the village American just like before Manhattans too small for the both of us And i can’t take it anymore I’m trying to be a big fish babe There isn’t much room in your pond But don’t write the end of our novel I won’t write the end of our


released January 29, 2019


all rights reserved



Samia New York, New York


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